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Monday, January 25, 2021

When you want to give the very best...

when you want to say something personal and special...

 ...give a PixiChixi card.




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Handmade and customizable with your own personal message.

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Custom Creations

If you have a special occasion such as birthday, anniversary or anything else, I maybe be able to create a custom card just for you.

The card on this page was created for a special 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Keep in mind that these cards take time to make and are absolutely unique.  It can take several days to produce just one card.

As these cards are not suitable for envelops, the cards are shipped to you in a special heavy duty white gift box lined with tissue paper.

Depending on the card, the average cost is around $50.00 which includes the gift box and shipping.  This card is not something that will be thrown away, but will be displayed and cherished forever.

This Custom Card Measures

Height: 5.5 in

Folded Width: 8 in.

Display Width: 16 in.

Total Outstretched Width: 24 in.

If you are interested in a custom card order created especially for you, please contact me at christineahastings@gmail.com.

Thank You

Outstretched for Long Display

Outstretched for Narrow Display

Folded / Folded for Gift Box / Detail



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